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Robert Symons ~ Tropicana Steel Pan: News

About the Steel Pan

The steelpan or steel drum is a melodic, chromatic musical instrument origionally created from a 55 gallon oil drum. Trinidad's gift to the world! The instrument is referred to as a "steelpan" in the Caribbean but often called simply a "steel drum" To lend some background, the steelpan, also known as the steeldrum, is an invention born of the people of Trinidad & Tobago. It is an acoustic musical instrument indigenous to that nation which remains to this day, the only such invention of the 20th century and with the dawn of this new century and millennium it manages to retain that title. The inception of the steelpan can be traced back to the 1930's. Since then and throughout the decades, the "cause célèbre" has witnessed advancement through numerous innovations. Considering the track record and history of most musical instruments, to accomplish that much is such a relatively short period of space and time is a remarkable testament to the talents, skills and creativity of the people of T&T.

Airport Entertainment - March 5, 2019

Steel Pan melodies greet you in arrivals At the L F Wade International Airport in BERMUDA

Cruise Ship Port Entertainment in Bermuda - October 6, 2017

Robert Symons is an in port guest entertainer on Cruise Ships in Bermuda . He partners with Oceana, Regent Seven Seas, P&O, Crystal, Fred Olsen, Azamara, Swan Hellinic, Holland America, Cunard, 


"The local act addition to our programme proved to be a beneficial and positive experience for the guests on board and for our overnight in Bermuda. It was decided to trial the act in the Pacific Lounge, which is our Guest Entertainer entertainment venue. The act was well received and many passengers enjoyed the relaxed professionalism the act offered. The music and presentation of the show was a great additional feature to the Entertainment programme and an effective way to "bring the world" to the ship which is very much appreciated. All in all we felt your act was well received, structured and very well executed.".......P&O

"His professionalism, talent and communication were always top notch making him a true pleasure to work with. He was quick to reply to questions, provided solutions and was flexible to change. These are key factors for success in the cruise industry but are transferable to any business. Robert performed on the pier upon the ships arrival and departure. This was a wonderful greeting and farewell for our guests, provided an authentic Bermuda experience. He also performed during the day onboard while the ship was in port and provided an even more up-close and personal experience for our guests receiving rave reviews. I highly recommend Robert Symons for musical performances and an authentic experience in the tourism industry.".....Holland America

"Sincerest thanks from myself and all of us here on Balmoral, you did a wonderful job of entertaining our Guests and went above and beyond what was expected, a true professional. Many Guests were talking about the performance well into the evening, comments such as, ‘a perfectly mellow afternoon’, ‘he brought the sunshine to our call to Hamilton’".....Fred Olsen Cruises

SPECIAL OFFER - September 13, 2016

With your purchase of Tropicana Steel Pan along with other Bermuda recording artists you will receive a 10% discount.

This offer is available only at:

The Music Box

Reid Street


BERMUDA 441 2095 4839


NEW SINGLE RELEASE - September 13, 2016

Robert Symons has put out a new release through CD Baby!

We here at CD Baby have got pretty good memories. And we just remembered that at some point in the not-too-distant past you purchased music by Robert Symons.

We commend your impeccable musical taste and wanted to let you know that Robert Symons has a brand new release out now. It just went live on our website for sale. And we just had to let you know FIRST since you're one of the few hip and wise people who "knew them way back when." 

It is called I Just Called to Say I Love You.

We wanted to make sure you were the first to know. If this release is being sold as a physical CD, it could become a hot commodity very quickly! So if you find it sold out already by the time you visit our site, don't fret! You can still place an order with your credit card. You will not be charged up front. When we receive more stock, we'll ship the item to you and charge your card at that point.

To purchase this music now or to hear some sound samples first, click here:

Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for supporting independent music!


The Story of Tropicana Steel Pan - August 21, 2016



Robert Symons created Tropicana Steel Pan in 1995 while performing in the USVI as a Bass Guitarist


He realized that in order to continue successfully as a performing artist one should have knowledge of at least two instruments; one being a lead instrument and that way one will always work.


An opportunity presented itself and it was an obvious choice since he was already playing with steel pan players so relying on his musical experience, keen ear and passion he burrowed a pan and set out to teach himself how to play the instrument. He also acquired a sequencer to program songs to accompany the steel pan. That was the plan.


After six months of practicing day and night, he was ready to present his concept of steel pan entertainment to a live audience so he found a restaurant named Café Sito in St. Thomas where he performed for 14 months.


Robert returned to Bermuda in 1997 reinvented as a steel pan soloist and shortly after, a recording artist.



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The Bermuda International Airport arrivals and departures.

Cruise Ship Terminals and on board Cruise Ships at St. George’s, Hamilton and Dockyard

The Clock Tower Mall in Dock Yard

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Steel pan man is all at sea - February 29, 2016

Working on a cruise ship isn’t for everyone. The travel is constant and the work can be intense.Steel pan player Robert Symons got hooked in 1989 and hasn’t looked back. His latest gig was on Oceania Cruises....Click the link to read more

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